Quality Measures

Because quality and accuracy are at the core of our values at C-MARKET Research:

Our dedicated team uses quality-assurance strategies and checklists to ensure that the preparation of plans and files is on point.

The team also ensures that all operations adhere to quality-control processes to make sure that a deep review is done at every phase of a study.


- Briefings and regular reviews by QC team

- Collection of Client information, ensuring no data is disclosed without client’s approva

- Use of a proper language to maintain the overall image of each client.

- Directly monitoring or Post Validating at least 30% of interviews, unless required more.

- Selection of targeted respondents is done based on profiles sampling parameters specific to each project

- Logic check on key questions to ensure consistency of responses

- Coding and data will be validated in parallel

- Interviewers having quality incompliance, will contribute to cancelling all of their interviews. They will be retrained to maintain their qualification. If problem persists, immediate actions will be taken such as termination and/ or blacklisting for future studies.